Course Syllabus


Career Planning 

1/2 Unit

Global Course


Course Description: This course provides students with the tools to begin a lifelong career-planning process, which is needed in today’s global workplace. Students will explore their interests, skills, values, and strengths which will help them identify possible career goals. They will explore career opportunities and learn about various careers that may interest them. Topics include job searching, completing job and college applications, writing a résumé, preparing for an interview, goal setting, and decision making. They will complete activities and exercises that will help them get to know themselves better as they develop their career goals.


We are pleased that you selected this self-paced course to fulfill your unique educational needs. You are now a member of the Mizzou K-12 Online / MU High School's large and diverse student body—a student body that comes from all parts of the United States and many parts of the world.

Although the freedom to choose when and where to study is a privilege, it is also a responsibility that requires motivation and self-discipline. To succeed at self-paced learning, you will need to develop a study plan by setting realistic goals and working toward them.

This course is designed to help you begin the exciting process of career exploration. By utilizing the career-planning process, you will explore not only career opportunities, but also information about the careers that are of interest to you. You will also be guided through the practical aspects of the career process such as searching for a job, writing a résumé, filling out job and college applications, and preparing for an interview. Throughout the course, you will complete activities and exercises that will help you get to know yourself better, which will help you continue to develop your career goals.

How much you get from this course depends on how much time and thoughtful consideration is put into learning about yourself. We encourage you to take advantage of the activities and exercises presented in this course to explore who you are and what you want to be doing in a future career.



There are no textbooks for this course. 


The student will take online inventories and surveys. While some are free of charge, the following assessments require a payment fee:

  • Access to Self-Directed Search (for Lesson 1) – must be purchased directly from the SDS Web site using a credit card.
  • Access code to StrengthsQuest (for Lesson 5) –purchased from the Mizzou K-12 Online Virtual Bookstore
  • Registration code to e-INSIGHT Inventory (for Lesson 5) – purchased from the Mizzou K-12 Online Virtual Bookstore

Mizzou K-12 Online Virtual Bookstore:
SDS Survey:

Additional Materials

Index cards for Lesson 5 Talent Themes Activity

Materials used in connection with this course may be subject to copyright protection.

Technical Requirements

Refer to the minimum requirements for all Mizzou K-12 courses on our website.

Grades, Quizzes, Assignments, and Exams

Grading Scale

This course is graded as Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory.

To earn a grade of Satisfactory, you must meet the following requirements:

Course Requirements for a Satisfactory Grade
  • Complete every question on all exercises. All incomplete exercises will result in an Unsatisfactory grade.
  • Earn a Satisfactory on the midterm project. (See your lesson for scoring guidelines.)
  • Earn a Satisfactory on the final exam
  • You must achieve 80% or better in order to get a satisfactory grade. 


100-80%: S

79-0%: U


If you do not meet the above requirements, you will not receive course credit.

What type of submitted work will I have? 

The work you will submit for this course consists of exercises, brainstorming activities, and inventories. The submitted work is evaluated by the course instructor and graded as Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory.

Satisfactory exercises will meet the following general criteria:

  • Response is logical and shows self-reflection and insight.
  • All parts of the activity are complete.
  • Writing is fluent and lively.
  • The overall quality of the assignment is complete and well done.

Unsatisfactory exercises and brainstorming activities generally fail for the following reasons:

  • Part of the chart or question responses are missing or they are incomplete.
  • The responses are not logical or no insight is shared.
  • The overall quality of the assignment is incomplete and confusing.



About Lessons

You must submit all assigned work in sequence (Lesson 1, then Lesson 2, etc.)

You may submit lessons at your own pace. However, passwords for the final exam will not be sent out before 6 weeks (42 calendar days from) from the date of the 1st lesson submission.



Exam Matrix

Exam Matrix
Final Exam (comprehensive)
When to Take Exam Request exam after receiving Lesson 10 feedback.
Questions and Type
  • 20 multiple-choice
Grade Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (20 points total)
Time Limit 2 hours
What to Bring to the Exam Site
  • a valid photo identification
  • your ID number

How to Prepare for the Final Exam

  • Complete all assignments.
  • Review the lesson objectives; make sure you can accomplish them.
  • Be prepared to explain any key terms and concepts.
  • Complete any review exercises, study questions, and activities; check your answers.
  • Review any feedback and/or comments on your lesson reports and midterm project; look up answers to any questions you missed.



How Will I schedule My Exam? 

If you have an exam, you may request an exam over the Web, and exams will also be taken online, unless otherwise indicated by your instructor. You can also search and request an exam proctor. It is your responsibility to schedule your exams, so allow enough time (generally 7–10 business days) for our office to receive your request to make any necessary preparations.

Mizzou K-12 Online / MU High School has approved exam sites throughout the United States and around the world. No appointment or exam request is necessary to take exams at Mizzou K-12 during regularly scheduled hours. For more information about scheduling exams, see the guidelines on examinations on the Mizzou K-12 Online and the "Helpful Resources" Section (Quizzes and Exams tab) of your course.

On all exams, you are allowed to take notes using a personal whiteboard (dry erase board) and marker. At the end of the exam, your proctor verifies that it is wiped clean. This works with both face-to-face and online/Examity proctoring.


After completing the course, you will receive a grade report that gives your percentage and your letter grade for the course. Mizzou K-12 Online / MU High School will not mail your grade report until all outstanding balances have been paid.


Accessibility and Other Notices


If you anticipate barriers related to the format or requirements of this course, please let the student services staff at MU High School know as soon as possible. If disability related accommodations are necessary (for example, a scribe, reader, extended time on exams, captioning), please contact Mizzou K-12 Online / MU High School.


If, when completing any of your assignments or exams for this course, you copy from someone else’s work (published or unpublished) without proper acknowledgment, you are guilty of plagiarism. Proper acknowledgment means that you must use quotation marks around any material you have taken word-for-word from another source and state what that source is. If you have reworded someone else’s ideas, you must cite the source of those ideas. If you copy from someone else’s work (published or unpublished, in print or online) without proper acknowledgement, you are committing plagiarism.

At your instructor’s discretion, evidence of plagiarism may be subject to either or both of the following actions:

  • receiving a zero for the assignment or exam
  • receiving an F for the course

Allowing someone to copy from your work is also considered cheating and subjects you to the same consequences.


Course Summary:

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