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(Continuation of the post Building a product is easy, attracting customers is the difficult thing )

Making your information of quality is the first step to attract future customers . The second is to make your information reach them, so that you must go where your customers are looking. Today the network offers a large number of resources, but logically not all will be suitable according to your customer profile.

In this post, we are going to talk about how to attract customers, the strategy to achieve it and some tools that will help you achieve it.

Of course, if your information, product or service is of quality, the sales process will come smoothly.

Use the process by which your customer profile buys. Only then can you offer them what they are looking for and guide them with a good acquisition and activation strategy .

A good acquisition strategy should go through the following steps:

1 Determine exactly who you are addressing.

For this you can use tools such as the empathy map or the value proposition canvas and Early adopter . Once you are clear about it, you should make your information relevant where the customer spends time online. A Wall Street broker is not the same as an animal lover. They will probably not move on the same websites, nor will they use the same channels to be informed of what is happening in their respective interests.

Like on my website you can see all the content’s are through and all the content’s are are very to the point and adds value to the readers is the main focus that we have. 

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2 What type of content are you going to offer and where

Animal lovers, whether by profession or hobby, will demand websites, tweets or articles related to that topic. It will be important to analyze in which channels these profiles seek more information and offer our content there. In the same way, the stock broker probably uses other channels to find the information it needs. The appearance of the information we present must also be tailored to the aesthetics and tastes of customers.

It is also important to study the profile of users, because generally the way to search for information about a user on Twitter is different from the way to search for information on a website. On twitter, everything is much faster, more ephemeral. The title is 99% of a user clicking on your link, while on a website you have a little more margin. Not too much either, so it is important to take care of the presentation of your landing page . For creating awesome content’s like this you can always refer to content writing services like

3 Participate in the communities where your customers also participate

It is logical, in these communities is where questions are asked, answers are obtained, there are comments and that is where you should be. First to obtain as much information as possible and second because that is where you can contribute the maximum of your knowledge and start to generate a reputation and where you can position yourself as an expert. Logically if the information you provide is relevant.


4 Create content that people want to share

If your content adds value, it is highly likely that users who read it will share it. There is increasing awareness of sharing knowledge because that is how we all win. That allows that if you add value, it is shared. Posts, FAQs, videos, demos or any other content that may be relevant will help you to publicize your product or service, but from the perspective of contributing, not selling. The key:


Attract customers to your product, don't push your product by running over your customers.

All of this is important but for it to really make sense, we have to be able to measure, learn, improve and retest. In this process it is essential to set objectives, set the tests to be carried out and evaluate the result in order to make decisions.

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To do this, it is very common to use A / B tests that allow you to improve your website and your content and find out which options are better, that is, which one converts better

One way to do this is to generate a table with the experiments you are going to carry out, like the following:

Actions on the web



Test failed or successful

Comment now button

Color and size change

Number of comments / post

  • 5% improvement

Navigation menu

Turning pages

Visits to contact page

  • 8% improvement


Show price or not

Conversion increase

  • 3% improvement

Actions in social networks

Share post buttons

Change shape

Increase in shared posts

  • 3% improvement

Post on social media

Increase of posts on Twitter 20%

Number of visits to the shared post

  • 5% improvement


These are some actions that you can implement, measure and know if they pass the test or not, to design the best strategy and correct it over time, to optimize it and achieve the objectives.

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