Scott Cooper Miami Scholarship Asks Students If They Believe Jeffrey Epstein Really Commit Suicide

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Miami Jan28th 2020: The death of Jeffrey Epstein has now given rise to a full-blown conspiracy theory, with people having all mixed opinions about the actual cause of the death.  It has become a topic of interest as evidence provided by the authorities, seems flimsy to many people.

Many online polls have been conducted to check the opinions of people if Epstein did indeed commit suicide, or if he was murdered. These polls are conducted by various reputed organizations like Insider, Emerson College, and SurveyMonkey.

Interestingly, Scott Cooper Miami also asks this very same question as one of the essay choices for students, who are looking to get a scholarship from their organization. The organization will be awarding $500.00 (USD or CAD) to the students they find eligible as per their criteria.

We find the essay topic on Jeffrey Epstein apps to be quite interesting. According to the polls conducted by various organizations, it looks like only one person out of three in the US believes that he actually committed suicide.

The polls also show that more republicans feel that he was murdered when compared to the democrats. There clearly is a political flavor to this topic, as many even believe that it is connected to the fight between President Trump and the Clintons.

Although the federal authorities and the report from the medical examiner clearly slam any kind of conspiracy theory other than suicide, his lawyers still claim to see many holes in their explanations and evidence.

Students are allowed to submit their applications for Scott Cooper Miami scholarship program by February 15th. They will be announcing the name of the winners on March 1st, 2020. Those who are interested in winning the scholarship will have to write an essay on one of the 3 topics provided by them.

One of the topics for an essay is about the environmental issue of tackling the global warming situation. The other two essay choices are related to political topics. The second essay topic is if they believe that Jeffrey Epstein did indeed commit suicide, or not. The 3rd questions are about the ideal candidate for presidential elections, and why.

They have provided a simple application procedure for scholarships on their website. It is a straightforward online form, where you will need to provide information like your first and last name, email ID, sex, high school name, state, GPA, and the major. Once you enter the information, you will have to upload the essay file, agree to their terms, and submit the application form.

Scott Cooper has been attracting students from the US and Canada for their scholarship programs for quite some time now. In the past, they had asked the students to create an essay on how the immigration crisis can be solved.

The previous winners of their scholarship programs were delighted with the cash reward, which goes towards the payment of their college tuition fees. It helps quite significantly in reducing the financial burden of their educational expenses.

These scholarship programs are currently limited only for the students of post-secondary schools. According to Scott Cooper, these programs can help students in getting substantial relief on their student loans. Students should look out for such opportunities that can help in easing the financial stress of their college education.

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