Best Beginner Acoustic Guitars - Buying Tip

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Every guitar student should practice with good quality, affordable instruments. The best beginner best electric acoustic guitar is not necessarily the most expensive instrument. Looking to purchase your first acoustic guitar? Surely you have already read a few online guitar reviews. While reviews can be helpful, they can be overwhelming and lack a holistic, informed perspective. As an instructor, I always say that one's first guitar should accent the player in form, fit and function.

Buying Tip #1

Guitar Materials: The guitar top material is the most important component of the guitar's body materials. A solid wood top compares much more favorably than a laminate top, as evidenced in many guitar reviews. Guitar tops can be made of various kinds of wood (the top wood), and each wood type has a different effect on the sound of the instrument. Sitka spruce is a popular choice and produces a powerful, direct tone with strong clarity - even when the instrument is played loudly. While more expensive, the Engelmann spruce has a more complex tone than the Sitka spruce, but it also lacks the Sitka's clarity. A good, very affordable top wood option is basswood, which exhibits a warm sound and crisp mid-range.

Buying Tip #2

Body Type: The best electric Acoustic guitar comes in a variety of types and sizes. Common types for the best beginner acoustic guitars are jumbo, dreadnought, auditorium and concert. Body type and size determine a guitar's overall tone. Large-bodied guitars, such as the jumbo and dreadnought, produce great power and volume with strong low-end tones. The dreadnought, slightly smaller than a jumbo, is characterized by a "thick waist". While projecting wonderful power and full tone, jumbo and dreadnought guitars are not recommended for small-framed beginner players.

Buying Tip #3

Acoustic-Electric Guitars: Do you plan on recording or playing where amplification is necessary? Consider an acoustic-electric guitar. It is a fully functional acoustic guitar equipped with an electric pickup, a microphone or a transducer that still produces the acoustic sound you desire. This is an option available on many of the best guitar models.

Buying Tip #4

Price: You will find decent quality beginner best acoustic guitars starting at under $200. While you will not find a Gibson or Taylor at that price, Epiphone, Takamine, and Yamaha all make very affordable, solid wood top, quality instruments. The guitar reviews will corroborate this.

In Conclusion

Find a guitar that is comfortable to play, select an instrument with a solid wood top, and budget at least $199 for a quality instrument. Following these guidelines will ensure you have good playing experience, and you will likely be more successful in the long run.

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