Communication skill is crucial at the workplace

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Business organizations have been focusing only on the technical skills of the employees. But major tools for any business organization include technical skills, active communication, and active listening.

Everything that we do at the workplace is the result of an effective Business Communication. Therefore writing, speaking, and listening are essential skills that one should have when he has to achieve a goal. Effective communication involves the body gesture and the tone of voice. Effective Communication is very crucial, for places where a wrong communication can cause serious injuries or may even cause death.

Example: a technician working in a power plant may be exposed to a live line due to some miscommunication. So generally, in power plants they place a danger signboard before they start working. There the people had developed a sign system for communication. Thus, for effective communication it does not mean that you have to verbally express yourself.

Importance of Good Communication at workplace

There are various departments in the organization that communicate with each other to perform several functions, if proper communication is not done between the department then work may be held up and the organization will have to suffer a lot. Thus, good communication is very crucial in the workplace for achieving productivity.

A boss with an effective communication skill is always preferred over a person who lacks communication skills. 

Having good communication skills is not limited to the workplace but is essential for all the parts of life.

  •     To secure an interview –Good communication skills help you to get through the interviews. As you know how to effectively communicate or express yourself.
  •     To perform Effectively – As the workplace is becoming more global there are many factors to consider if you want to get success in such a diverse environment. Good and effective communication is an important factor. It helps you to be more productive and more engaged in the team as you will be away from conflicts. 
  •     To get a job – To get the job you should have good communication skills during the interview you should be very clear, concise, concrete in your answer.
  •     Enhance your career – a company always needs employees who are creative, have good technical knowledge and at the same time knows how to manage a team. If you have good communication skill then you would be able to connect to your teammates. You will know their talents and skills and then you can use them effectively to increase the overall efficiency of the organization. This will help you to rise high in your job profile.  

The benefits of good communication at the workplace are:

  1. Solve inter-department conflict – Many times, conflicts may arise between various inter-department on various issues. 

One of the main reasons for these conflicts is the difference in communication patterns of the persons.

Another important reason is miscommunication that is the difference between the transmitted and received information, because of this people may feel that they have been disrespected or dishonoured which arise tension and conflicts between persons of the same and different departments. 

Thus, a clear and proper communication can only resolve this issue.

  1. Employee engagement – At a workplace it is always important for a boss to connect with his people to properly engage them in their work. This can only be achieved if the boss knows how to communicate properly and effectively. For this he has to connect to his people. He should respect them and understand the needs of his employees. This also helps him recognize the talent of his people. Thus, he can use them in a more effective manner to increase the overall efficiency of the employee which would increase the productivity of the company. 
  2. Client Relation- A good communication is always needed to have a good relationship with the clients. There are various situations in which a client may not be happy with the company. But still the employee should effectively connect to them to know their concerns and tries to resolve them. This can only be achieved when the employee has proper training in effective communication.

Let’s discuss some ways to Improve your communication skills at the workplace are:

  1. Always be clear and loud: You should always use simple language that can be understood by everyone. You should be very clear about your instructions or message. You have to make sure that your information does not get distorted till it reaches the last person in the list.
  2. Good Listers: A good listener is always a good speaker. So, try to develop the habit of listening to others. All listen to all your team members before taking any decision. Let them complete first, do not just pop in. This way you may earn respect from them. Many conflicts in the workplace can be resolve if people start listening to others.
  3. Move: Some time it is required you to go in person to discuss any serious issue, either to your subordinates or to your boss, or to another department. Always initiate this process and do not wait for the other person.
  4. Respect: Everyone needs love and affection. You can make people do anything if they respect you. You can earn this respect from others by just respecting them back. To subordinates do not shout on them even if they have done something wrong, you should listen to them and try to solve the issue. You should also show respect to the people of other departments. This way you can earn their respect also any they would do your work promptly.
  5. Be Positive: Never be disappointed, do not shout, keep calm even in drastic situations. This will help you to think effectively so that you may solve the issue. You should put our team first. Think professionally and not personally. 

Thus, effective communication skills play a very crucial role in the organization. It helps us to increase the productivity of the organization by increasing the working efficiency of the people. It has been found that an organization where effective communication is given importance there the employees also feel more secure, as they share their views, ideas and thoughts more effectively and openly as they know that their views matter. Each employee also knows his/her role responsibilities that improves the team-building process.

By imparting proper training to its employee an organization can easily excel in the global market. Good communication also reduces the conflicts between various departments of the organization which also helps in increasing the productivity of the company, as the workflow would be done faster.    

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