Top 5 Anti Phishing Software Solutions for 2020

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If you are business owner every day shall respond to the dozens of emails from colleagues, borrowers and related third parties and you can become a victim of phishing attack from these parties. There are many Anti-phishing solutions that you can use to avoid a phishing attack. Let’s discuss some top 5 Anti-phishing attack solutions for 2020.

What is Phishing?

Imagine if you receive an email from a company that you are familiar with and it’s asking you for your personal information. The email you received looks real but hacker’s or malicious guys design this email to trick you into getting important information from you. That is what we call phishing.

You have to be aware of phishing and use some Anti-Phishing solutions like You know we buy or sell things or have accounts with sensitive information, phishing can steal these information’s from you accounts.

TOP 5 Anti-Phishing Solutions for 2020

There are many anti-phishing software’s out there on the internet but few are very powerful and famous.

  • Avast Antivirus
  • Windows Defender
  • Phish Tank
  • PineApp
  • Northern Internet Security

We will discuss about Top 5 Anti-Phishing Software with review in this section: Brief article on anti-phishing software Wikipedia.


TotalAV is a word class antivirus or anti phishing software that removes the all viruses, malware, spyware and adware from your computer. It is based on SAVAPI that is an anti-malware engine. SAVAPI is consider as a first-class antivirus in the world.

  • It can speed up your pc by clean malicious files.
  • TotalAV has also the ability to protect you from all kind of viruses like malware.
  • They have great Anti-Phishing Solutions


PCPROTECT is a window based or pc-based antivirus that provides best Anti-Phishing solutions. It’s a very easy to use tool at very low cost. It has a high protection level. If you are a business owner then you have to phishing prevention best practices.

  • It is a very fast antivirus that provides both pc and internet security
  • It has also versions for both IOS and Android devices.
  • They will also provide you 24/7 technical support.
  • This software is very helpful in anti-phishing service.


Bitdefender is a very good antivirus with many security features. Let me tell you one thing that is an award wining antivirus. The company has 17 products divided into different categories like free tools etc. Here you can check anti phishing reviews

  • It has a very powerful multi-layer protect that helps you to protect from ransomwares.
  • It has also a Threat Protection system that works on your networks and stops malicious activities before reaching your personal computer.
  • Bitdefender is AV winner certificates.
  • I think is the Top Anti-Phishing Solution for 2020.


Avast has a very powerful feature; I also like it very much that it can allow malicious files to run on your system but the files can’t damage your system because of Avast Protection. This is amazing feature.

  • Avast gives you very powerful anti-phishing software with many features.
  • It is a complete pack with features like VPN.
  • It has both IOS and Android versions also.

Anti-Phishing Protection has a very powerful anti-phishing solution for your Office 365. It can help you to protect your sensitive information. It protects you from attacks like zero-day attack, Domain name spoofing etc. You can also follow anti phishing training program.

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