Ailsa Jason – An Expert Plumbing and Heating Engineer

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I have been in plumbing since 1980, and during my whole career, I have seen so many experts and skilled people in my life. Some of them are pretty intelligent and know their jobs very well.

But sometimes it happens that you meet someone and then you never forget him/her. A similar case happened with me when I was working in the United Kingdom, and it was a project of making the best electric shower for a well-known brand.

We were a team of 16 people, and all of us were very expert and experienced in plumbing and heating.

I first met with Ailsa, and she was working on suggesting the best mechanism to make an electric shower. Before I go in deep, I want to make clear one thing that is “Ailsa is a well-known plumbing engineer, and she is now running her own business about electric showers.”

I have never seen such devoted women in my life as she is working very hard. In this article, I will disclose some of the best things about Ailsa and her business.

But before we dive into it, let me describe something about the future of plumbing.

Plumbing and Advanced Technologies

We are living in the age of computer and digital trends. So from the last two decades, we have seen things change rapidly. Almost in every field, technology has drawn and influenced.

Similarly, in the field of plumbing and bathing appliances, we have seen so many changes and advancements. If we specifically talk about the bathing equipment and fixtures, then we have steam baths, electric showers, and power showers that are now a part of every bath.

During the advancement of everything, we have seen upgrades in this equipment too.

Ailsa is Running Business with The Electric Shower

The Electric Shower is a brand name where you can find so many amazing and right showers for you. Moreover, she is now reviewing most of the best and well-known brand’s products and then writes about it.

And in my opinion, she is doing a great job.

She is a well-qualified as well as you can see below:

  • BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Bristol
  • Plumbing, Heating, and Gas Apprenticeship Level 3 from Boston College
  • Diploma in Plumbing Foundation (Level 1, 2, 3) from British Plumbing Employers Council (BPEC)

We Wish her Best of Luck

As I am really inspired by her work and expertise, I would like to wish her a bright future and the best regards. She is one of the women who knows how to tackle every trouble, and she is not going to give up in any circumstance.

This is a true inspiration for every woman who thinks that women or ladies can’t do something big. This is a perfect example for those women and Ailsa has proved it that if you have strong determination, then you can do anything you desire.

So if you are still looking for a miracle to step on the stairs of success, then don’t do it and instead take the first step today and set your goals. It’s time to show the world what you can do.

My experience with a plumbing

I am sorry to introduce myself a bit late as I am also a plumbing expert and an electrical engineer. I have also been working in this field since 1980, and I am a qualified plumbing expert.

I want to appreciate my juniors and colleges who have always loved me and help me in every scenario. Now I want to help my juniors to succeed in this field and make their career alive.

Wrapping it up

At the end of this article, I want to say thanks to every person who gave me respect, love, trust, and motivation to fulfill my dreams and Ailsa is one of them. So thanks to you Ailsa that you made me realize that with the help of solid intentions, we can beat them every challenge.

And now today I am whoever the courtesy of my friends and colleagues is. So thanks to everyone and this a special tribute for Ailsa and his pure efforts for me.

Thanks, Ailsa Jason!

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