Tips for the success of your construction project

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Are you going to build soon? By then you have certainly received a lot of advice from friends and relatives. But to really start off on the right foot, you have to trust your architect. This one knows like no other what you need to watch out for. Here are some golden tips from architects.


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1. Don't get started lightly

Let your project mature. The decisions you make now will apply for the rest of your life in this home. So take the time to think carefully about your project. The construction phase will only be more efficient and faster. In addition, changes to plans during construction drive up costs. So try to make the right choices first. It does not make sense to invest in expensive techniques and in renewable energies if the building envelope is not efficient. Likewise, if you are buying a home to renovate, resist the temptation to move in directly. Establish a coordinated approach plan. Not all work has to be done all at once. Interior decoration , landscapingand even the finishing of the facade may very well wait a few years.

2. Determine your budget


Your project must be as much as possible in line with your budget . Is your budget too tight to complete your project? Be patient and save some extra money before you start. Don't think that other architects or contractors can complete your project for half the price. Beware of fine talkers. A limited budget should not be an obstacle to the choice or the degree of finish of your architecture. You can easily build an original custom home offering a unique experience for the same amount.

3. Set priorities

Find out what really matters to you. If you don't have the budget yet to do some work, you might have it later. Dare to think outside the box, for example by making the pieces blend into each other, both horizontally and vertically. Surround yourself with construction partners  who support your project and are willing to let their creativity run free. Don't be afraid of critical remarks. Doubt and reflection are the basis of any well-founded decision.

4. Think about the future

Of course, you are enthusiastic and want to get started quickly. But before you start, it's a good idea to take a step back and think about a vision for the future. This will save you a lot of money. It would be a shame to install a kitchen now, which will hinder your expansion project in five years. Thinking about and preparing for the options for the future comes at a cost today, but it will save you a lot of work and money tomorrow.

5. Dare to dream

Choose partners who adhere to your project. It may seem nebulous just when you are about to make the biggest investment of your life. But that is precisely the reason why you must think so. Indeed, such an investment is not decided lightly. You must feel good in your future home. Keep this goal in mind from the start. And don't let anything or anyone confuse you.



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