To Flash or not to Flash?

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To Flash or not to Flash?

Many internet users consider their routers to be a buy and let-it-sit device, something like a refrigerator or a home theatre system. But, that practice is not just counterintuitive; it’s downright dangerous. You see, a router, like your mobile phone, needs to stay up to date to function perfectly. 

When it is not up-to-date, it’s subject to many issues that can cause problems in the long and short term. Thankfully, that’s why upgrades exist. A router upgrades act as a check and balance of the sorts to keep your router and your wireless network in tip-top shape. 

Unfortunately, these required upgrades are sometimes scarce. Most ISPs only go on to roll out one or two upgrades in the first couple of months after you purchase your router. To stay on top of the situation, you have to get practical. That’s where router flashing comes into the picture. 

Wait, what does it mean to flash a router? 

Flashing a router is the process of replacing the software that makes it work with another software block. The software that makes it work is called the firmware. Usually, the replacement firmware is an upgrade with better all-round compatibility, functionality, and performance. 

If all that sounds complicated, don’t worry, it’s not. Flashing a router can be likened to upgrading an app on your mobile phone. Only this time, you’ll need to download the upgrade software and point your router to its location. Once you’ve successfully done that, it’s then a matter of clicking the upgrade button and letting the router do its magic. 

Why upgrade your router? 

There are many reasons to perform a router upgrade, but three major ones stand out: 

  • For improved performance 

An upgrade gives your router a performance boost since most upgrades introduce support for newer Wi-Fi standards, which improve upon the band support and range of your router. 

The long and short of all this is that with a router upgrade, your router gets improved connectivity and functionality whilst providing better network coverage around your home or office space. 

  • For improved device support 

We’re in the age of the Internet of Things, and you probably now have a home appliance that requires an internet connection. As you might have noticed, however, these newer wireless devices won’t just connect to any other network – they need the right wireless infrastructure to unlock their full potential. 

Instead of swapping out your entire router system, a firmware upgrade might be all you need to provide support for these devices as you go on about the task of transforming your home into the smart home of the future. 

  • For improved security 

Security is one of the important reasons why you should consider upgrading your router. Older routers with outdated firmware are rife with vulnerabilities that can be easily exploited by bad actors. And, in today’s world, there are a lot of bad actors. 

When you upgrade your router with a recent firmware version, you effectively ‘patching’ all the known backdoors and vulnerabilities hackers would have otherwise used to target your network. Upgraded firmware will also come with newer features that provide an extra layer of security to keep your network safe. 

To flash or not to flash 

Eventually, the world will transition into a full Internet of Things (IoT) state. So, in reality, it’s only a matter of time before router infrastructure with smart home capabilities and improved security become a household necessity. Flashing or, better put, upgrading your existing router provides a cost-effective and practical way to do this, and as we’ve already reiterated, it’s not half as difficult as it sounds. 

Rather than wait till that time, you can upgrade your router now to start enjoying the full complement of better security, improved support for the Internet of Things, and all-round better performance. 


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Gamgee is an Amsterdam-based user experience high-tech company founded in 2018. With branches in the United Kingdom and Israel, Gamgee is set to change the home Wi-Fi, the smart home, cybersecurity, digital privacy, and remote working ecosystems.  

Headed by Co-founders Paul Hendriks and Shaul Levi, who between them have a deep-seated knowledge of the telecommunications and cybersecurity industries, Gamgee provides a bevy of highly personalised digital home solutions that combine best-in-class technologies to make for a comprehensive all-in-one home network and management suite.  

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