Who should not use cannabis?

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Many people use cannabis in different ways or for different reasons. Some people use it for enjoyment, relaxation like alcohol, while other people use it as a medicine.

Cannabis includes (THS) Tetrahydrocannabinol and (CBD) cannabidiol. Cannabis can cause many health risks. There is a list of people who should not use cannabis.

People under the age of 25:

People who are under the age of 25 should not use cannabis because the brain develops at the age of approx 25. If someone uses cannabis in their teenage, it can affect the structure of the brain.

Using cannabis daily can cause many problems, such as attention span and other mental disorders.

People with depression problem:

Those who have a family history of depression should avoid cannabis because cannabis can cause depression.

People having cardiovascular or respiratory disease:

The people having serious liver, kidney, heart, or lung disease should avoid using cannabis. The reason is that cannabis can badly affect different organs of the human body. If you have any of the conditions, such as cardiovascular or respiratory disease, you should not use cannabis.

People with psychosis disorder:

The people having mental disorders or psychosis disorders shouldn’t use cannabis. Using cannabis daily or taking cannabis heavily can cause illness.

People taking other medicines:

People who take sleeping pills, pain killers, allergy medications, or other medicines should consult their health care provider before using cannabis because cannabis reacts with some medicines. 

Pregnant women:

The women who are pregnant should avoid using cannabis because it can be harmful to both baby and mother—using cannabis while pregnant can affect the baby. Using heavy cannabis can cause a greater risk of premature babies.

Cannabis is available from the dispensaries nearby. Cannabis can also be used as medicine. The people who use it as medicine can get cannabis from the dispensaries near me.

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