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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) translates as: search engine optimization is a way to adjust the website by understanding the operating rules of the search engine and to improve the ranking of the targeted website in the relevant search engine.

Purpose: In order to allow users to search faster, just like the emperor chooses the concubine, we will make the search engine search faster and make her rank higher. However, the emperor’s temperament changes, so the concubine must continue to change.


SEMIFY white label SEO:

  The SEO technology that is accepted by search engines through formal and legal techniques and methods is called white label SEO. 


  White hat is the correct optimization method, and it is an optimization method that runs according to the optimization guidelines and specifications proposed by search engines. We here in  SEMIFY white label SEOLinks to an external site. team make sure our white hat methods can avoid any risk of being punished by search engines. SEMIFY use methods that conform to the laws of search engines in terms of website framework, keywords, website content, external links, etc., so as to optimize the website reasonably, improve user experience, and be reasonable and other Website interconnection. At the same time, the content of the website is continuously updated. At the same time, the time invested by the white hat is relatively long, and it must be realized step by step. But the time invested will not be wasted in vain, on the contrary, more benefits will be fed back in the future

commonly used ways for doing white hat SEO of your website 


  • Use a short, unique and relevant headline on each page.
  • Edit the web page to use the theme of the page. Replace obscure words with relevant specific terms. This helps the audience that the site appeals to, search on search engines and be correctly directed to the site.
  • Add a considerable amount of original content to the site.
  • Use a reasonably sized, accurate description of the standard, and not excessive use of keywords, exclamation points, or irrelevant title terms.
  • Pay attention to the wording of the URL to help search engine optimization.
  • Confirm that all pages can be accessed through normal links, not only through Java, JavaScript or Adobe Flash applications.
  • Develop links through natural means. Write an email to the webmaster and tell him: You just posted a good article and requested a link. This practice is likely to be recognized by search engines.
  • Network groups participating in other websites (referring to groups of affiliated stations with the same theme)-as long as the other websites are independent, share the same theme and have comparable quality.

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