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8th grade social studies a



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Course Description

Studying United States History can help you be better prepared to solve the biggest challenges society faces now and in the future.  Everything has a history. Trees have a history, music has a history, bridges have a history, political fights have a history, mathematical equations have a history.  History helps you see the world around you in a new way by encouraging you to learn about and from other people and places. In addition, you will learn how to take in vast amounts of information, how to write and communicate ideas about historical events effectively, and, most importantly, to accept the fact that many problems have no clear-cut answer. 

Part A covers the converging of the three distinct groups of people (indigenous American Indians, Africans, and Europeans) through the political formation of the United States of America. This first half of the 8th-grade course ends at the presidency of John Adams.

Required Materials

For this course, there is no required outside text. All content and materials are contained within the pages of this course.


You are required to take two exams for this course. See the "About Exams" in the policies section for additional information on exams at Mizzou Academy.


Your final grade will be based on the number of points you earn on assignments and exams. Points are earned in the following manner:

Source Available Points
Quizzes 80
Writing Assignments 30
Projects 60
Exams 100
Total Points Possible 270

The following grading scale applies:

Grading Scale
Grade Percentage
A 90–100
B 80–89
C 70–79
D 60–69
F 0–59

After completing the course, unofficial transcripts will be available in the Tiger Portal. See this page for information on requesting official transcripts. 

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Technical Requirements

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Course Summary:

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